If you are considering a tree upheaval, whether to improve the look of your home, or to prepare land for a variety of future uses, Colchester Tree Surgeon and Arborist are here with all the skills and services you need. Our team have trained and educated in performing an impressive variety of tree doctor services including everything from tree and bush trimming, to emergency tree cabling, bracing and removal. Available all under one roof, our various services come at the most affordable rate in our local region. When it comes to professional arborist services, we provide all skills and products, including precise hedge work machines to sectional tree felling with a high attention to detail and an emphasis on safety protocols. We work to enhance and upgrade the homes across our city with efficient and effective arborist workmanship.

We have build our company locally, and are proud to continue serving local homes and properties with expert nature maintenance and tree removals. We offer this city’s most competitive professional tree surgeon rate as we care about the ongoing security for homes in our area and wellbeing of our local families. Our company strives to remain this city’s number one tree doctors and because of this we never compromise on the quality of services we provide nor the tree maintenance techniques we employ. When you select our company to revitalise or remove your trees, you’re doing so with the most professional and qualified company available. Currently, we are proud to offer the following tree surgeon and arborist services:

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