Pollarding Service in Colchester

Pollarding is a fantastic tree service, as our professionals encounter a young shrub or tree to accurately prune the branches down to the trunk achieving an entirely controlled plant height that also encourages years of healthy, green growth. We work with open communication with our clients to understand the desired height and shape of their trees, as we perform professional pollarding. Our precise tree doctor skills control everything from tree width, sun and shade exposure, branch height and more. It is clear why thousands of homes and families have relied on our premium skills servicing any and all trees across our city.

Professional Pollarding
Pollarding is truely an exciting stage of tree care as we work to set the growth rate and health of young trees and shrubs in any condition. Our qualified team of tree technicians employ a variety of pollarding methods, whether your desired tree has a shortened crown of branches, or if your property has powerlines to avoid during tree growth – our team has the in-depth understanding and experience necessary to guarantee perfect tree growth of healthy branches. Our pollarding services are completed with efficient and thorough clean up of debris leaving your land looking gorgeous, green, and healthy.

Quality Equipment and Tools
Professional tree surgeons are armed with a variety of tools and equipment that requires years of training to accurately wield. We manipulate trees with everything from quality hand held shears, to high tech felling machines, while never damaging or negatively impacting the health of the tree itself. Whether your tree poses a safety hazard to foot traffic, or if your landscaping design ideas are enhanced with a professionally manicured tree, our tree surgeon team are here to offer honest consultations to you and use an impressive range of arborist equipment, guaranteeing sublime results.

Benefits of a Professional Tree Surgeon
In selecting our professional arborist technicians, clients quickly understand why we have the best tree doctor reputation in our local region. Our team work to efficiently and safely trim, prune, and shear trees, while offering excellent customer service in every step of our operations. We have built our company locally, and are proud to service our locals with premium tree services conducted by a team who continue to advance their tree knowledge and qualifications. Whether your tree is too tall, or in need of regular manicuring, our team have the skills and determination needed to achieve gorgeous trees, set to grow healthily for years to come.

Custom Tree Services
When you need a professional tree service, it is important to select a team that communicate clearly in understanding your desired end result. Clients come to us as we provide high quality workmanship while offering transparent, open communication during the entire process. We understand that the trees surrounding a home can be of great value to a home and because of this we work with an attention to detail, with our customers best interests at the heart of all of our operations. Not only do we always operate with safety and dedication in our services, we have some of the most competitive rates available for professional arborist services.

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