Crown Lift & Reduction

Professional tree pruning improves the growth and health of trees by removing dead, unsightly branches, and enhances the overall look of a property with precise manicuring and tree trimming. At Colchester Tree Surgeon and Arborist, our team of specialised technicians are qualified to custom prune and trim your tree, focusing on stylised crown lifts or reductions. Our professional tree surgeons perform high quality crown lifts and reduction work, transforming trees with a high attention to detail revealing a healthy and aesthetically pleasing tree, set to grow and flourish for years.

Crown Lifts
Crown lifting works to accurately remove the lower section of branches on a tree, potentially this area of greenery is impacting your property, becoming a safety hazard to foot traffic, or is just an unsightly eyesore. Our team have worked for years gaining the experience and qualifications necessary to handle heavy felling and pruning machines guaranteeing an efficient and effective crown lift. We work to remove all signs of dead or decaying branches which not only revitalises the health and life of a tree, but can work to increase natural sunlight exposure through a tree, benefitting nature appreciators for years to come.

Tree Reductions
In our many years of professional tree servicing, we have encountered a vast variety of trees and understand that, without regular maintenance, trees can somehow seem to grow overnight to exponential heights. A tall, unruly tree poses a threat to surrounding residences, passersby, power lines, and light posts. Our expert arborists use a variety of tree reduction tools and techniques to result in the professional felling and pruning of branches, reducing overall height and width of a tree. We employ professional and safe tactics to tackle your every arborist need.

Benefits of Professional Arborists
Cutting, pruning, or felling a tree can impact a trees growth and appearance negatively if attempted at home. Our team of professionals have years of experience, meaning that they employ industrial grade cutting machines and techniques that encourages healthy growth. Clients come to us with specific size and height tree requirements as our team have the tools and experience necessary to complete the job efficiently and safely. We customise our service to meet your every need, whether you need professional suggestions, or to enhance your property with heavy duty crown lifts and reductions, we are the qualified technicians for the job.

Advanced Tree Surgeon Techniques and Tools
If you have begun to notice untidy or unkept tree branches and are considering a tree makeover, look no further than our team of proficient tree doctors. We bring to our customers the use of a plethora of professional felling and trimming machines, and top of the range heavy machines guaranteed to perform precise cuts and branch removals. We are this city’s most trusted professional arborists, and because of this we work accurately and efficiently to prune, cull, and clean up the job site entirely with a complete emphasis on safety in every step. We are proud of the workmanship we provide to clients in need of a tree service, no matter the project.

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