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    Professional tree services encompass everything from manicuring and maintaining leaves, branches, and hedges, while also tackling tough home maintenance services such as efficient tree and stump removals. Tree surgeons and arborists have spent years gaining qualifications and advancing their knowledge to provide premium inspections and consultations in understanding the nature and growth behaviour of trees and bushes to then suggest custom services that remedy any tree issue from overgrown tree crowns, to weakened or diseased branches and stumps. Professionals should be relied upon for all arborist needs as they have the qualifications and education needed to achieve an efficient and completely safe tree service.

    About Us
    Colchester Tree Surgeon and Arborist have served the Colchester area with efficient and precise tree and bush services. Our qualified team have served the local homes and properties with expert tree maintenance, with skills that prune and fell overgrown canopies, while also tackling difficult tree and stump removals. We offer our customers a range of services guaranteed to not only encourage healthy tree growth, but also work to enhance a property with a professionally manicured overall look. Clients rely on our team to perform safe and timely operations as we are equipped with the latest in tree surgeon tools and machines. We are this city’s most relied upon professionals that guarantee gorgeous greenery for all trees and homes.

    Our Services
    Whether you are in need of an entire tree or stump removal, or if your trees could benefit from efficient canopy pollarding, crown lifting or reduction, or are simply in need of professional tree consultations, we have all the skills you need under one roof. We have spent years in the professional tree surgeon and arborist industry and have continued advancing our skills to offer this city’s widest range of tree services. We are proud to serve our locals with any tree service they need, from emergency tree removals, to tree and bush trimming, and everything in between we enhance the look of a property and improve overall safety in the services we provide.

    Tree & Stump Removal

    Removing a tree or stump is an involved process that requires not only heavy duty machinery, but expertise in safe and efficient removal methods. Our team are equipped with a range of tools and techniques that work to quickly and safely remove trees and stumps, achieving levelled land, and an enhanced overall look for any property. Customers rely on us to perform professional tree and stump removals no matter the size of the tree, or depth of the roots.

    Tree & Bush Trimming

    Overgrown and unkept bushes and tress not only look unsightly, but can pose a risk to passing foot traffic and close proximity properties. Out team manicure the branches and hedges we meet with high quality trimming tools achieving a precise trimming service. We work with an in-depth understanding of trees and bushes and employ strategic cutting methods that encourage healthy growth, guaranteeing a long, green life for your trees and bushes.
    “I always rely on Colchester Tree Surgeon and Arborist for my regular tree and bush trimming because they always produce fantastic results at a very reasonable rate. Luckily, during my last regular appointment, they noticed signs of decay in my most beloved trees. It’s thanks to the expertise of these professionals I narrowly avoided tree disease! Thanks so much, team!” -Taylor J – Colchester

    Crown Lift & Reduction

    Pruning a tree is a fantastic way to continue growing a happy and healthy tree, but should be left to the professionals. Our team work with industry know-how in order to prune, fell, and trim the branches and canopy of a tree, achieving any and all tree sizes and shapes. Crown lifts and reduction services transform trees by removing dead branches and revealing the true health and beauty of a professionally manicured tree.
    Regarded as one of the most useful tree maintenance services, pollarding precisely prunes the branches of a young tree or shrub controlling the growth rate and height. This works to benefit a home with manicured and aesthetically complimentary trees ensured to grow perfectly for years. Our professional tree doctors perform efficient pollarding with the use of high quality machines and methodologies, guaranteeing optimal tree health, growth, and overall appearance for years to come.
    “I was in desperate need of an emergency tree removal after one of our biggest storms of the season. I was recommended the professionals at Colchester Tree Surgeon and Arborists for the job, and I was blown away with their expert services. They worked so quickly and ensured my homes safety to successfully remove a fallen tree off of my property. I highly recommend their services.” -Jenny B – Braintree
    Tree Cabling & Bracing
    A tree showing signs of diseased limbs or decaying branches can not only appear unsightly, but can also quickly become a safety hazard to properties and passersby. Our expert tree cabling and bracing services work to create more structural integrity for weakening trees to encourage stronger growth and extend a trees healthy lifespan for years to come. We work with industrial quality cabling and bracing equipment to guarantee stable and strong tree growth for all trees.
    Emergency Tree Removal
    Our professional tree removal specialists remain ready to perform efficient services for when the unexpected occurs. Whether it is a sever storm, or surprise fallen branch, our team work with a dedication to securing optimal safety at the sight of an emergency tree removal as we are passionate about maintaining the safety of our locals. We have gained the qualifications needed to operate quickly to remove and dispose of trees in an emergency situation for homes and properties across our city.
    “After winter had passed I noticed my bushes and trees were looking a little lacklustre. Thankfully I was recommended Colchester Tree Surgeon and Arborists to come and trim back the browning branches. My gorgeous garden is back to life thanks to their fantastic knowledge and skill.” -Paul D – Colchester
    Contact Us Today
    We encourage you to reach out to a member of our team if you are considering one of our many professional tree and bush services. Our qualified technicians have spent years manicuring and maintaining trees and because of this are able to field your every question or query. From your first encounter with our team, you are treated to expert knowledge from a professional, passionate about providing premium tree services and consultations. Speak with one of our friendly tree doctors today and get started on your home and land maintenance today.


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    Below are some commonly asked questions, we are available for general advice if you need us!

    What is the difference between an arborist and a tree surgeon?
    Most people assume that an arborist is another name for a tree surgeon. It is incorrect. The two have some key differences. An arborist can identify diseases in trees by studying them and recommend the steps to take care of them. They are the go to if you need professional tree management advice and inspections. They perform tasks than cannot be done using a saw. Their focus is on emergency tree care, pruning, felling, clearing and stumping. An arborist is an expert at performing these tasks safely. A tree surgeon is the best person to consult when you want to clear a site.

    How much do tree surgeons cost?
    The cost of hiring tree surgeons depends on factors including safety measures, thickness, type, and position in the compound. Most of tree surgeons work in groups of 2-3 to efficiently perform the tasks. If they need to hire any equipment to complete the job, the cost will be higher. All these factors will affect the price. In Colchester, the cost of one who doesn’t require renting equipment is about £3100.00 inclusive of VAT for one oak. Stump grinding will cost about £100-£220. You will also have to pay more for waste disposal if this is something you want to do yourself. It will be cheaper to have the same people clearing to dispose of the waste for you.

    How would I know if a tree needs to be removed?
    It is necessary to inspect your trees to know how to care for them; and when to remove them. You must get them removed if they are unsafe. Check for the following signs: One is, if they have dead decaying fungi, for instance, mushrooms growing on the base. Another is when there are cavities and cracks in the tree trunk. Look out for peeling tree barks and dead hanging branches on the upper part. If the twigs on the branches are fine without living buds. To remove the tree it is advisable to get and consult a tree surgeon for confirmation.

    How do I remove tree stumps?
    There are two ways to do this effectively. You can use a stump grinder or stump killer. A stump grinder is like a motor-operated machine and, you should handle it with care. This machinery is useful if you want to remove it quickly. If you decide to use this method, explain to the renting company the thickness of the stump, so they advise you on the best machine to use. Alternatively, you can choose to use a stump killer. This is a chemical that prevents it from growing and kills it at a faster rate than the decomposition process. It is advisable to use this on dry and fresh stumps for it to be effective.